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  • Portsecure.ca Port Security
  • Portsecure.ca Port Security
  • Portsecure.ca Port Security
  • Portsecure.ca Port Security
  • Portsecure.ca Port Security

Current and previous partners and exhibitors of the PORT SECURITY CONFERENCE OF CANADA include Bell Canada, Chubb Security, ICX Technologies, Shark Marine, Ultra Electronics, Lloyds Registrar, Commissionaires Canada, Association of Canadian Port Authorities, Canadian Sailings Magazine and many more..

attendPort & Terminal Operators
Security Companies
Provincial/Local Police Forces
Emergency Response Personnel
Admiralty Law Firms
Cruise Lines & Ocean Carriers
Technology Companies and Advisors
Government Regulators
Maritime Security Professionals
Technology Firms
Security Providers
International Regulatory Agencies
Maritime Interface Industries
Trucking Lines
Regulatory Agencies
Logistics Providers
Academic & Research Institutions

For a FULL LIST of past participants, please visit this page.


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2015 Partners and Sponsors

  • Macdonnell
  • AutoClear
  • Avigilon
  • Axys
  • GSN: Government Security News
  • Source Security
  • Stanley Security
  • Integracom

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