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2014 Sponsors Profiles

cpe-logoCertified Port Executive ™ Program


The  only  program  of  its  kind  in  North  America  is  transforming  the  management   and  competitiveness  of  North  American  ports.  


This  5-­‐day  course  is  designed  to  provide  participants  with  professional  education   related  to  the  transportation  system  and  the  operations  of  ports,  vessels  and  marine   terminals.  The  course  covers  rapidly  changing  regulations  and  requirements  that   affect  ports,  marine  facilities,  intermodal  transportation  providers,  vessels,  and  a   diverse  range  of  service  providers.    


  • Port  authority  directors  and  executives
  • Terminal  managers
  • Port  stakeholders  including  municipal,  provincial  and  federal  government  officials
  • Shipping  company  agents
  • International  transportation  companies
  • Importers  and  exporters
  • Dockyard,  navy  and  military  personnel
  • Coast  Guard  officials
  • Intermodal,  global  and  marine  organizations


  • Enhanced  management  skills  to  bring  back  to  your  terminals,  ports  or  maritime   operations;
  • Real  world  knowledge  of  port  and  terminal  operation  and  management;
  • Tools  and  knowledge  to  be  able  to  advance  in  your  organization;
  • Interconnectedness  with  a  global  network  of  port  management  professionals;  and
  • Knowledge  about  the  five  key  areas  affecting  port  management  today.


To learn more contact  Brian  Bulley  at  902.425.3980   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or visit  www.macdonnell.com/cpe


gsn_logo_220GSN: Government Security News

founded in 2003 and is owned by World Business Media, LLC, whose editorial and advertising offices are located at 233 Spring Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013, 212-344-0759. The print and online editions of GSN are the standard of editorial quality in the homeland security field and a rich source of news, analysis, interviews, new products and technologies in all aspects of homeland security, from access control and airport security to biometrics, border protection, disaster recovery, emergency preparedness, IT security, maritime and port security, rail security, security services, state and local governments and urban security.

Website Address: www.gsnmagazine.com




Integracom (from: “Integrated Communications”) was created as Integracom Management Consultants Inc. in 1992 to address a request from potential clients in the Canadian federal government.   These first customers wanted to realize the potential of a government-wide, secure communications concept, called the “Senior Executive Network (SEN)”, and they needed a team of strongly business-focused communications and marketing specialists to help them do that.   Integracom’s founders worked with these initial clients to clearly define all of the parameters of their concept and communicate it in terms that investors, business partners, and end user customers would understand and support.   That project was so successful that many more followed in it’s footsteps in both the public and private sectors.

The founders quickly took this approach to the next logical level for other client projects and, in addition to the communications and marketing, began developing all of the high-level strategies and tactical details necessary to ensure complete project success.   For clients who needed additional help, Integracom consultants would also market test initial versions or mock-ups of the design and, after any necessary adjustments, help them to take the program to full commercial implementation.

After more than 20 years, the custom-designed processes and procedures we use have been fine-tuned to minimize risk, fully meet or exceed expectations, and stay on target for delivery schedules and budgets.   Throughout the process we employ ongoing consultative communications protocols and techniques to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed at every step.   This consultative approach helps to ensure buy-in from all players throughout the development phases, as well as on final delivery.

Website Address: http://www.integracom.ca



macdonnellsponsorMacDonnell Security Risk Management


MacDonnell Security Risk Management is a Canadian leader in delivering certified maritime security training programs for Ship, Ferry and Terminal Operators in Canada.

MacDonnell offers cost-effective and timely training programs which help you meet the objectives of remaining aware of regulatory changes initiated by Transport Canada, best practices in the industry, and changing technology and security requirements. Understanding these training needs, emerging technologies, and national and international security initiatives are at the core of the success of MacDonnell's training programs.

Working closely with Transport Canada and our diverse clientele, we deliver training programs that meets our clients’ needs while providing them with a hands-on approach to their maritime security issues. Being “MacDonnell Certified” is the benchmark standard that assures course participants that this education and professional development will be theoretical, practical, and worthwhile.

For more information please contact:

MacDonnell Group of Canada Limited
1505 Barrington Street, Suite 1100
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K5

T:(902) 425-3980
W. www.macdonnell.com



source_security_logo_220Source Security

  • SourceSecurity.com is the market leading information resource serving the security industry.
  • Our content covers product information, news, company profiles, events and associated vertical markets.
  • Our comparative product database is unrivalled, providing a unique business tool for specifiers and purchasers.



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